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Who we are

ECE Reform is managed by Dr Mike Bedford, with the help of the ECE Reform Advisory Group, and our local hub leaders. We are funded by donations. ECE Reform does not engage in any business for profit.  Donations to ECE Reform and the use of all organisational funds organisation are managed by the ECE Reform Charitable Trust Board.

The ECE Reform Charitable Trust Board


The ECE Reform Charitable Trust Board are three lovely people, experienced as Trust Board members, who look after the stewardship of donations to ECE Reform. Their job is to make sure that the money donated by members is used to best effect to bring our proposals to the attention of the government, and to see the changes we need so much for our children and ECE teachers. 


Please note that while we are registered with the Companies Office as a charity, we are not yet registered with Charities Services, meaning that is is not yet possible to claim a tax refund for donations to ECE Reform. We will be applying to Charities Services for tax exempt / donation tax refund status.    


The Trustees are:

Ngaire Pincott, teacher of adult literacy.

Debbie Purves, primary school teacher (also ECE qualified and experienced)

Mike Purves, costing analyst


If you would like to see the ECE Reform Charitable Trust Deed, You can download a copy here ...

Robyn is an ECE teacher with over 28 years of experience. Her background in ECE includes Playcentre where she took on many roles including president, and ECE head teacher positions in Auckland. Through this experience Robyn developed a passion for philosophy,  curriculum design, working with children who are neurodiverse, and mentoring leaders and teachers. Robyn is highly driven and passionate about providing high-quality care for children and happy, calm work spaces for teachers.  Robyn's philosophy while working in the ECE sector comes from the heart to collaborate with each other with grace, kindness, and respect.

Robyn Peet resized.jpg

Robyn Peet

Helen Armstrong is early childhood consultant, advisor and infant and toddler specialist with over 14 years of experience working in the early childhood sector in Aotearoa. Guided by the work of Dr Emmi Pikler and Magda Gerber’s Educaring® Approach, and informed by current neuroscience and child development research, Helen is passionate about respectful relationships. Helen’s mission is to inspire and empower caregivers and educators of young children with these life changing principles and practices.

Helen Armstrong.jpg

Helen Armstromg

Executive officer / Spokesperson


Mike is a specialist in ECE wellbeing and design with over 30 years’ ECE sector experience, in addition to a Master of Public Health and PhD, both focused on ECE environments. Mike’s ECE sector experience includes more than 1500 visits to 600-700 ECE centres, and about 200 workshops, lectures and conference presentations for ECE teachers. Mike designed and ran the Te Whāriki-based Wellington Regional Public Health programme for ECE centres, and has worked with the full NZ spectrum of ECE and care, including full day ECE and care centres, Te Kohanga Reo, Kindergartens, and Playcentres. Mike has also provided long term-outdoor area designs for over 30 ECE centres. He is passionate about beautiful, loving, high quality environments and experiences for children.

Mike photo.jpg

Dr Mike Bedford

Erin is the former president of the New Zealand Home-based Early Childhood Education Association and Managing Director of Tiny Nation, a home-based early learning service founded in 2019. Tiny Nation has homes in Hawke’s Bay, Taranaki, Manawatu, Wellington, Otago and Southland. With her ECE sector experience, and qualifications and experience in communication and management culture, Erin has represented the home-based sector in a governance group for NZQA, and worked at senior leadership team and Board level for several national organisations. Erin’s experience as a working mum is the driving force behind her investment in the future of ECE, looking for the best possible conditions for our babies. Erin is drawn to collaborate with experts and organisations that champion positive social change.

Erin photo colour cropped 2.jpg

Erin Maloney

Kimberley is a renowned provider of inspiration for ECE teachers through Kimberley Crisp Professional Development, including facilitating Pennie Brownlee’s Dance with Me in the Heart. An experienced ECE teacher, Kimberley established The Nest Private Kindergarten in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand – a beautiful space inspired by the principles of Emmi Pikler. Kimberley is an advocate for all things that make her heart sing... the people, the planet, and children’s play. She believes children deserve to be surrounded by beauty, and that if they are ... their souls grow. Kimberley celebrates the beauty of people, partnered with an environment that allows children to feel safe nurtured and emotionally satisfied. Kimberley believes that Government must move beyond a minimum standard approach. Children, teachers and families must be central to all decisions, with the guiding question being, “ What would LOVE do?”


Kimberley Crisp

Andrew is a teacher educator and Professor at the School of Education, Auckland University of Technology (AUT). He has a background in the social services in England, and as an early childhood teacher in Auckland.  Andrew is currently a Professor for the Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Arts, Master of Education, and Doctor of Philosophy programmes at AUT. Andrew has published widely on topics including the early childhood teaching profession, Aotearoa New Zealand early childhood education policy, approaches to early childhood curriculum, early childhood teacher well-being and working conditions, and dance as risky play in early childhood education.

Andrew photo cropped.jpg

Prof. Andrew Gibbons

Celia is the founder of Little Kiwis Nature Play, a provider of professional development programmes focused on embedding outdoor philosophies and nature education into ECE centres and primary schools across New Zealand. For the past twenty years she has worked for a variety of organisations internationally, setting up, developing and running outdoor programmes, wilderness expeditions, leadership development programmes and establishing risk management and safety systems. Celia brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to all that she does. With a passion for risky play, she manages to juggle workshops, speaking engagements, bush kindy sessions and taking her own kids on adventures in nature.

Celia Hogan

Celia Hogan.JPG

Kim is the Early Childhood Coordinator, Central Plateau Rural Education Activities Programmes (REAP). REAP provides connection to, and insights from, ECE services across New Zealand. Kim is originally from Warlingham, UK and currently lives and work in Taupō, NZ. Kim likes to consider herself one part English and another Kiwi. Kim spent the early part of her career auxiliary nursing, working in elderly care and rehabilitation, before transitioning to the early years working as a nanny. Kim is married with two adult children, and enjoys spending time outside with her horse and dogs. Kim is passionate about making a positive difference. People matter, as do kindness, integrity and humility.

Kim Roots photo.jpg

Kim Roots

Helen is an ECE teacher with over 20 years of teaching and leadership experience, working in a range of small private and large corporate services. Through a real passion for doing what is right for our future generation, Helen is actively involved in the encouragement and support of Kaiako, to bring a voice for our tamariki and whanau who rely on ECE as a profession. Helen’s particular passion with ECE and care is the toddler age group – a group who’s needs are often not well provided for, despite their diverse needs and developmental requirements. Helen is a strong advocate for the implementation of a real authentic and true curriculum in our sector.

Helen van der Merve

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