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Purposes, principles and ethics

Purposes of ECE Reform

  • To improve quality of life for children while enrolled in the early care and education sector, to increase learning experiences and opportunities for children, and to improve long term outcomes for children’s health, education and quality of life.  

  • To promote the occupational health of the teaching workforce, and the support of the teaching workforce as it directly relates to the quality of early care and education provision as a public good. 

  • To improve the systems of government to more effectively ensure and deliver high quality early care and education, to protect the teaching workforce, and to ensure that government administered systems are fit for purpose and not unnecessarily burdensome to providers. 

  • To promote, and call for, ethical practice, openness and accountability in government agencies that interact with the early care and education sector.

ECE Reform principles

ECE Reform operates on the principle that society has a duty to care for its children, and that taxpayer funds allocated to child care and education should be used first and foremost for the benefit of children. Secondly, that the State is partly or wholly accountable for the employment conditions of any employees paid by, or who’s employment is subsidised by, the State. They are directly or indirectly public servants, should be not be subjected to substandard working conditions.

ECE Reform ethics

ECE Reform adopts and promotes the ethical principles of honesty, transparency, accountability and justice. Among other things, ECE Reform calls for ethical conduct within, and appropriate and accountable processes by, government agencies. In line with this ethos, ECE Reform and its members will conduct themselves in an ethical manner, with appropriate levels of accountability. ECE Reform will undertake to ensure that all of its communication is honest and accurate, and will post a correction if any information disseminated by ECE Reform is found to be incorrect. Records of the use of funds donated to ECE are available on request. 

ECE Reform limitations

ECE Reform will not promote any particular business or for-profit agency.  ECE Reform neither promotes nor opposes business in the provision of early care and education. While it promotes the health of teachers in early care and education, including compliance with employment law, and is certainly supportive of fair pay and good qualifications for teachers, it does not exist as a union or organisation to promote material advantage for teachers, or for other providers.  

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