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Membership and donations

Why be a member of ECE Reform?

ECE Reform is a collective for better quality and conditions in ECE and care. Membership isn't directly for the benefit of members – it says you want to be part of a movement to give children better childhoods, better futures.

As a member, you can be part of the ECE Reform discussions, vote on proposals and documents, and will be able to register your support for submissions or petitions to government, either by name or anonymously as a member of ECE Reform.

Affiliated organisations

Organisations are very welcome to become affiliated, as an expression of support, but only individuals can be members or vote for proposals. This avoids conflict of interest, and maintains our independence.

Agreement with our purposes, principles and ethics

To be a member, or to be an affiliated organisation, you need to agree to, and need to uphold, the purposes, principles and ethics of ECE Reform. Membership or affiliation will not be approved, or may be rescinded, if a member is considered by the leadership team to have behaved in a manner that is unethical (for example, deceptive, dishonest or slanderous), clearly against the interests of children, or damaging to the teaching workforce. We may also rescind membership if a member attempts to undermine or discredit the work or ECE Reform (this does not mean disagreement with a proposal). This is to ensure organisational integrity.

Does it cost to be a member?

You don't have to pay to be a member, as ECE Reform is for the benefit of New Zealand's children, rather than the members, but  we are absolutely dependent on donated funds to operate. When you join up you will see a prompt for a donation for a year (we suggest $20 to $100, depending on what is OK for you). We understand that these can be tough financial times, (especially for ECE teachers) so you are still able to join us without a donation. If you donate, it's not an automatically renewing subscription, but we'll send a reminder request to donate again after a year.


If you would like to consider a regular donation rather than an annual one, it's best done through an automatic payment from your bank, rather than through the website. Just email us at, and we'll send you the details.

What do donations pay for?

ECE Reform needs funding to develop the mechanisms for change – the systems and documents, and supporting information. We need to build national understanding and support by way of this website, but also roadshows and presentations to ECE groups and other organisations. We need to be able to have representative meetings with government Ministers and officials. This means that we need funds for a part-time salary, and money for administrative costs and travel within New Zealand. 

Can I donate without being a member?

Of course. Any support is welcome! Just click the Donate button to send your support. ECE Reform membership numbers help to demonstrate to government support for proposals though, so the more members, the greater our voice.

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