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Roadmap for sector rescue

All our proposals in one briefing for the Minister 

The announcement that Erica Stanford is the new Minister of Education, and that David Seymour is Associate Minister (with the ECE portfolio), has presented a fresh opportunity the bring the ECE Reform proposals to government. In the briefing to the incoming minister, provided to Erica Stanford and David Seymour, ECE Reform presented a roadmap for sector rescue – a cohesive plan for the next few years. The formation of the Ministry of Regulation, with regulatory review of the sector, provides a framework within which to present the ECE Reform proposals.  

What's in the roadmap?

The roadmap has been carefully designed to turn around the decline of the teaching workforce, managing the conundrum of improving ratios while having a teacher shortage. The road map creates a positive direction for the sector, which means that we can honestly advertise ECE teaching as a good option for the future. We can bring teachers back, and rebuild the teaching workforce.

Most important of all, these combined proposals will mean that children are no longer subjected to poor conditions. The proposals bring a focus on children's quality of life, and introduce governance systems that bring real quality incentives.

You can read the briefing to the incoming minister, with the full set of proposals and the roadmap here…

An analysis of the current problems. What do we need to change?

A roadmap for sector rescue – a 3 year programme of reform

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