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We suggest that members donate a minimum of $20 per year, to keep the organisation viable.

ECE Reform needs funding to develop the mechanisms for change - the ideas and documents.  We need to build national understanding and support by way of this website, but also roadshows and presentations to ECE groups and other organisations.  We need to be able to have representative meetings with government Ministers and officials.  This means that we need funds for at least a part-time salary, and money for administrative costs and travel with New Zealand.


We suggest a $20 per year donation, but of course, it would really help us if you could donate a bit more. When you donate, it doesn't automatically  renew, but we will send you a reminder next year for another donation. Please note that while we are registered with the Companies Office as a charity, we are not yet registered with Charities Services, meaning that is is not yet possible to claim a tax refund for donations to ECE Reform. We will be applying to Charities Services for tax exempt / donation tax refund status.    

We also realise that many of our members maybe under financial stress, and we certainly don't want to add to that, so you can join without a donation if you need to. To join without a donation, close this page (or choose SKIP) below, and your membership of ECE Reform will be complete.


Thanks! Your donation is complete. We really appreciate your support. Be assured it will be put to good use for New Zealand's children.


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