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Children's quality of life first 

Children at the centre of early care and education

Who we are... what we do...


ECE Reform is a non-profit collective of teachers, parents, early education and care service owners, and many other child advocates, who all want the best for New Zealand's children. We know there are serious problems with New Zealand's early care and education system. We are dedicated to finding solutions to these problems, and taking them to government. 


Would you like to see better ratios, smaller group sizes, and an end to overcrowding?

Would you like government systems that put care for children first, and look after the teaching workforce?

ECE Reform is working on these proposals and much more. 


Why early care and education needs reform

Just think of the great images of childhood... running, rolling on grass, or lying on it, looking at the sky... getting into the natural world of flowers and leaves and scents and textures... being read to by a real person, cuddled up with your friends... or just falling asleep on a lap. The comforting smell of food cooking, and the fun of being allowed to help. Learning to tell someone what you want, how you feel, and being heard, being understood. Some New Zealand children experience this in beautiful, good quality ECE and care, but many don't.

Sadly, thousands of New Zealand children spend long days in noisy, crowded spaces, with no grass and not enough room to run outside, and too few teachers to give them attention. Teachers are leaving the ECE sector because conditions have become unbearable for themselves, and potentially damaging to children.


It doesn't have to stay this way. Our projects can turn the sector around for good...

  • Ratios, group sizes and space per child – regulation changes

  • A new, quality-based system to govern ECE and care providers

  • A new Early Years Ministry

  • A new, 2-teacher, 8-child model for home-based ECE and care

Get Involved

There are many ways to take action as a member of ECE Reform. Have a look at some of the opportunities to get involved below, and get in touch for more information about how you can do your part.

Share your ECE story


Every individual has the ability to motivate others and inspire true change. By sharing your experience, you become a crucial part of change. Your ECE story could help others going through a similar situation and be the motivation to do something about it.

Join a discussion


Our projects are refined and improved by members before we take them to government. Did we miss anything? Could we make the proposals better for you, better for everyone? We'd love to have you join the discussions. (If you're not already a member you will need to join to take part).

Join ECE Reform


ECE Reform is a collective – it's our combined voice that will make the difference. Please join us, and encourage others – teachers, parents, centre owners and managers, academic staff, and advocates for child well-being and ECE to join us.  

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